Why do business
with Ezi Brand Design?

Because we go further than a pretty package. It is vital to create a strong, high-performing brand that sells. Behind each of our projects hide several business decisions. We do not make abstract art. Each detail of our packages is carefully thought through to incite the customer to buy.

Service packaging design emballage alimentaire Creation

We do not stop at packaging

From the creation of brand image, all the way to market placement strategies, we can advise you to maximise your impact on the shelf. We have developed hundreds of strategies over the years. Depending on your situation (new range, opening of a new market, limited edition product) we can offer you several services to help you achieve your sales goals.

Graphic design for food packaging, wine and spirits

We create packages for food products, wines and spirits that stand out, attract attention and immediately seduce consumers.

Promotion and publicity

A product needs to be promoted in order to become known! We create ads for the web, magazines, and posters.

Photography and video

In order to showcase your product, we can offer to photograph it or to create a video for the web or television.


Whether you are redoing or building your website, our graphic designers will help you showcase your product, your company and your story. We also do online ad campaigns!

Logo creation

In the food world, your logo makes you stand out from the competition and is a vehicle for your values. We can translate your product into colours and typography to increase your sales.

Brand image / visual identity / brand strategy

Would you like a positive perception of your product? It all comes down to brand image. The creative and durable visual identities that we build ensure the efficacy of your message.

Marketing and trade marketing

From the creation of the brand image all the way through to market placement strategies, we accompany you to ensure that your product is recognised for its full value.

Copyrights /Naming / storytelling

You have an excellent product, but no name? We can help! The name and the story of a product play an important role in the decision-making process of the consumer.

How do we proceed?

During the whole process, our creators are accessible to answer all your questions. You do not have to work with several intermediaries. (This makes all the difference.)

1- Understanding the mandate

Firstly, we listen to you. Our work consists of transcribing your product into words, colours, typography and images. In order to achieve this, we need to highlight the particularity of your product and discover the essence of your brand.

2- Graphic design

In the digital age, many will be surprised to find out that our mock-ups are always done by hand. But this allows us to quickly explore ideas and procures a direct tactile sensation that we cannot obtain with a computer.


Based on these initial drafts, we develop our different concepts. And then we refine our ideas until we finally obtain a packaging solution that will perform and sell.

Our philosophy

For Ezi Brand Design, the wine and food universe is just as fascinating as the people who work in it. We wish to highlight the artisans, their work, and their vision. Behind each product, there is a life’s work, a passion, and a story that needs to be told.

History of Ezi Brand Design

Ezi Brand Design agency is born out of the complicity between Patrick Plourde and Philippe Desmarais. After twenty-five years of working as collaborators, these two colleagues realized that they completed each other perfectly.

Patrick Plourde

Patrick posses the training and the experience to fulfil the artistic demands of all communication and marketing projects. He is involved in every phase of a project: the conception, the design, the illustration, the project team management and the artistic direction.

Philippe Desmarais

Philippe acts as an expert consultant in marketing and market placement. His search for excellence has always taken him off the beaten path, looking for the best strategies to adopt.

Patrick Plourde
Philippe Desmarais

Patrick and Philippe have surrounded themselves with a dedicated and creative team. Through different mandates, the creators and the graphic designers have understood the fragile balance that exists between winery traditions and emerging trends. The Ezi Brand Design team starts first and foremost with listening to the client and understanding their vision for the brands’ development.

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