‘’making of’’ photo shoot


Whether it’s to create an advertising concept, produce tools for the sales team, or just give product credibility and personality, a photoshoot takes on its full meaning.

But behind the click, which takes only a second, the process requires a lot of time, creation and preparation; design and brainstorming, mood board, to define the mood and the photo direction, props selection, product delivery to the photo studio, and more.

Throughout the shooting day, the stylist, photographer, art director, and the client agree on the order of the shots, according to the logistics and the number of pictures to be taken, to maximize time for all parties involved. The decor and accessories are carefully selected beforehand. There must also be on hand several copies of the product to be photographed, to make sure that the item photographed will be intact, free from scratches and imperfections.

The stylist prepares the set and the decor elements (setup); the photographer adjusts his light. For his part, the artistic director adjusts and approves the entire set on the screen. Then a few shots are taken and shown on the screen. The same subject will be photographed multiple times. The customer will then have to approve the final product.


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