Low calorie wines

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Consumers are changing and the market is adapting. New generations of wine lovers know what they like and what is good for them. Low-calorie, low-sugar wines are taking on a fair share of the market and are here to stay.

In a world where calories are counted and where a balanced diet is more and more a way of life, the wine, and alcoholic beverages industry is adapting and, with new bold and original products, is meeting the demand.

There are low-sugar residual wines on the market that are found among so-called traditional products. In general, you will have the information on the label for white wines, but you will have to rely on the sales personnel to get information regarding the % sugar for all red wines. A good clue? Popular entry-level wines are generally higher in sugar. However, there is an alternative.
To better meet consumer’s demands, wine manufacturers and distributors are stepping up their game to offer new low-calorie products.

At a time when food restrictions are increasingly present, producers are adjusting to better meet consumer requirements.
These products have a strong brand image that is mainly aimed at female customers and benefit from distinctive and attractive packaging that reflects the essence of the brand.

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