Ready to drink cocktails

Smoky Bay Light Wine packaging - Design d'etiquette de vin


Going back just a few years. Who would’ve thought that drinking good wine or an original cocktail from a can would have a trend?
These ready-to-drink formats have become popular and are being carried around everywhere, on every occasion.

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, the consumer’s profile has been turned upside down in recent years. This is large because millennials and generation Z have reached the legal drinking age to consume alcohol and because their buying habits have changed the market landscape

Can size ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages have been having tremendous success in recent years and the craze is far from fading. Ciders, microbrewery beers, wines, beverages made from wine, malt or alcohol or beverages inspired by classic cocktails or new trends in mixology, it’s all there and is now available almost everywhere in practical can sizes.

In 2020, consuming an alcoholic drink or a wine is in itself an experience, often guided by a better knowledge of the products and by favorites for the packaging.

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